Unico nella serie

"Unique in the series. Design fortuity in the printing process" investigates the value of errors and unpredictable in the printing process. The thesis starts with the fact that designers nowadays tend to move away from the production step of a graphic artifact. The printing moment is not explored by designers, who entrust their work to the printers. Knowing the printing tools, exploring their limits - even tampering with them - could lead to a rapprochement between designer and printer. The process becomes part of the artifact which is characterized by the qualities of the means of production.

Thesis Project
MA Communication and Design for Publishing
Year: 2019
Type: Book design / Print / Research
Location: ISIA Urbino, IT

Coordinator: Silvia Sfligiotti
Advisor: Claude Marzotto Caotorta

Case studies and interviews with professionals - who have worked with the concept of error - are collected in the book. Then an investigation of the experimentation process follows: what happens in the dark area of the press, the one between ink and paper? How can the failure of experiments be included in the creation process? After different print tests with different techniques, the home inkjet printer chose to carry out the research. This is a very common type of printer, that allows you to make some considerations.

Unique in the series.
User manual - Deskjet 2510 inkjet printer

The purpose of the actions collected in this manual is to understand the printing phase as a design moment. Through 5 actions is possible to tamper with the printer and customize the outputs. The standards that define the print, such as reproduction, resolution and the CMYK colors have been questioned. While the standards are very useful for comparing different outputs and determining characteristics and quality; on the other hand, they limit the particular expressive abilities of the tool. Exploiting the potential of this printer allows us to reproduce a project and above all, to produce at the same printing time, a unique in the series.

Action #01
Color unloading

1. fill the syringe with the black refill ink and fully load the black 301 cartridge
2. fill up to all colors of the 301 colors cartridge, except one of your choice
3. half fill the chosen color
4. insert the 301 cartridges into the printer carriage
5. print eight copies

Action #02
Image resolution

1. scan an image of your choice from a newspaper of your choice in 300 dpi covering an area of 170 x 277 mm
2. paginating the image on an A4 format sheet leaving 1 cm margin
3. open the print driver and set the higher magnification scale, which can range from 1000% to 100000%
4. set the automatic sheet orientation and start printing

Action #03

1. choose an image
2. open the image in Photoshop and save the four CMYK levels separately in grayscale and in TIFF format
3. import all four images into Indesign and arbitrarily apply a different CMYK color to each layer
4. overprint the four images
5. change the order of overprinting for subsequent prints

Action #05

1. create four different colors by mixing two or more refills of CMYK cartridges to obtain different colors
2. inject the four colors obtained in one of the cartridge compartments
3. avviare la stampa con i nuovi colori ottenuti

Action #05
A4 Standard

1. make an Indesign file with two horizontal A4s side by side
2. cover the entire printable area of the two sheets side by side
3. export the two sheets in a pdf to single pages
4. insert the sheet and start printing the first sheet from the driver
5. rotate the second sheet 180 ° directly from the driver
6. insert the sheet already printed with the white side down and the printed side upwards
7. start printing the second sheet

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